Without good tires, your car can’t run smoothly on the road. A lot of care goes into making sure your tires are ready to take you where you need to go. Not only can the service specialists at Troy Honda help you avoid an unexpected flat, we can keep your vehicle more fuel efficient. Here’s what we’ll check out when we look at your tires.


Obviously, tread wears down over time. If the tread gets too low, your car lacks the traction that it needs on the road. This can lead to dangerous driving conditions, especially in snow and rain. At Troy Honda, we’ll also make sure that the tread is wearing evenly on all tires so you vehicle runs smoothly.  Make sure you get your tires rotated regularly so that the tread wear isn’t uneven. We can talk to you about how often you should bring your car to our dealership in Troy for a tread inspection.


Cracks and bulges in the sidewall of your tires can be the first indication that you might be on your way to a dangerous blowout that could put you and others on the road in danger. Don’t risk it. Let our service technicians at Troy Honda take a close look at your sidewalls to ensure that you aren’t caught off guard with a severely flat tire.


You may notice that your tires are out of alignment if your car starts to pull to the right or left, there’s uneven tread wear like mentioned above, your steering is off center, or your car vibrates. Proper alignment helps your tires perform the way they should and last longer. It can improve handling and fuel efficiency as well. Schedule service with Troy Honda so we can check your alignment.

At Troy Honda, near Royal Oak, Rochester, Birmingham and the Detroit metro area, our customers are an extension of our family, and we are happy to be the trusted mechanic many turn to for service from minor oil changes to major repairs. Come by and see us at our dealership in Troy.

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