Taking a Test Drive: What You Need to Look For

Are you shopping for your next vehicle in the Troy area? If you’ve gotten as far as taking a test drive of some of the vehicles you’re interested in, Troy Honda has some tips for you. Learn all you need to know about test driving vehicles and what to look for, whether you’re shopping new or pre-owned.

Interior Comfort

As soon as you climb into the driver’s seat of the vehicle you’re test driving, pay attention to how things feel. It should’ve been easy for you to climb in and out, the seat should be comfortable, and all the commonly-used controls should be within reach. Take the time to adjust the seat to your liking if needed.


When test driving there are of course the regular items you should be wary of such as how the car handles, maneuverability, and other basic things. One item test drivers often forget about, however, is visibility. This is why it’s important to go further than around the dealership parking lot on a test drive! Taking some actual roads and even the highway will allow you to determine vehicle visibility including blind spots and how much the backup camera shows you, if there is one.

Cargo & Passenger Space

It’s easy to get so caught up in the actual drive and all the unique features a vehicle has to offer, but don’t forget all of the other things you need like adequate cargo and passenger space! If you have any hobbies that require equipment or younger children, a good idea might be to bring your gear or a car seat to make sure everything fits properly. Even measurements of your most-transported items will be a great help in determining if a vehicle will work for you lifestyle.

A Dealership that Doesn’t Pressure You

Take note of how your salesperson handles things after you complete your test drive. Do they offer for you to come back and test drive the vehicle again? Did you get answers to all of your questions? Did you feel relaxed during the process? These things are important when you are buying from a dealership. At Troy Honda, we always strive to make sure you don’t feel pressured to purchase just because you take a test drive.

Visit Troy Honda today and take a drive in one of our new Hondas or used vehicles. As soon as you walk through our doors you can expect honest, courteous service that lasts long after you leave our lot. To schedule an appointment with us, call 248-649-0202.

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Taking a Test Drive: What You Need to Look For