Keep Your Car’s Engine Cool This Summer

Seasonal changes call for different protocols when it comes to keeping your car’s engine in good condition.

With temperatures increasing, we must keep our mind on keeping our engine cool. A vehicle’s engine needs attention to avoid extreme heat damage. The service technicians at Troy Honda believe damages can be avoided by following these few tips.

The heat is something you can’t control but you can control what you do to avoid damage to your car’s engine. With these simple tips, we are certain your engine will stay cool during the ehot temperatures!

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in General

  1. Roll Down Your Windows – When you get into your hot car, the first thing you think of might be to turn on your AC. Troy Honda is here to tell you not to do that. Roll down your windows to let some of the hot air out for a few minutes and then turn on your AC.
  2. Park in the Shade – Aside from the UV rays being harsh on the exterior of the vehicle, the sun will also cause negative effects on your battery.
  3. Tint Your Windows – Window tinting will help protect you and your vehicle stay cool with its protective layers. As the protective layers work to block the unnecessary sunlight, you will also save fuel.

Three Tips to Help Keep Your Car’s Engine Cool

  1. Pay Attention to Your Radiator – The radiator protects your engine and helps maintain a cool temperature if the necessary maintenance is completed.
  2. Keep an Eye on Your Oil – Change your oil when you need to not only to keep your engine from future damage but help avoid unnecessary pressure on your engine right now.
  3. Check Your Temperature Gauge – This gauge should point to the cool zone. If you notice the gauge is not in that zone but on the left, pull over and wait until the temperature of your car reaches a cooling point.

To keep your engine cool this summer or if you’re in need of our service, don’t hesitate to call us at 248-397-5598 to make an appointment. You can also visit us in Troy, MI today!