How to Winterize Your Car in Michigan

Winterize Your Honda Before the Cold Arrives

Are you concerned about proper maintenance of your Honda car, truck or SUV as winter approaches? Although Michigan winters are harsh, there are specific tasks you can tackle before the cold strikes that will make your upcoming winter drives safer and easier on the vehicle. Consider these winterizing tips for your Honda vehicle, and it will keep operating well into the next year.

Test and Replace the Battery

If your Honda car's battery is several years old, allow the experts in our service center at Troy Honda to test it. Cold weather places considerable strain on batteries, and they don't usually activate if they're old and in freezing conditions. Ideally, turn your old battery in for a credit on a brand new one. The battery's contacts should also be cleaned and tested. Your engine should turn over without a problem during the entire winter.

Lubricate the Locks

If you drive out to Royal Oaks or Rochester, MI, to do some shopping in the winter, you can expect to encounter some freezing conditions. While you're inside the store, the door locks could freeze and won't open. To winterize your locks, they should be sprayed with specialized silicon before winter arrives. This film stops moisture from freezing the lock components, and allows you to safely access your car.

Change the Oil to a Winter Type

Whether you live in Birmingham or Troy, Michigan, approaching winter weather means that temperatures will drop dramatically. As a result, your car's engine oil will lose its normal viscosity. It's crucial to add oil to the car with a "W" designation. For example, 5W-20 and 10W-30 are oils that still will flow naturally even in the coldest weather. Those internal engine parts must be lubricated to keep your Honda on the road. Schedule an oil change with our service center today to get the most out of your cars, trucks or SUVs in the Michigan winter.

Update the Wipers and Lights

Seeing and being seen on the open road is a concern during Michigan winters, so add new exterior accessories to your Honda. Replace the windshield wipers because summer's ultraviolet radiation has probably made them brittle. In addition, you can add brand new bulbs to your turn signals, brake lights, and headlights. Road visibility is often poor during the winter, and these accessories will make it easier for your vehicle to make it home safely.

Visit Troy Honda today for all of your winter needs. Our Troy, Michigan, facility is full of Honda-approved parts, so that you can be prepared for any weather event. We are proud to be your partner in winter vehicle health and upkeep.