Hatchback vs. Sedan

Two common vehicles on the road today are hatchbacks and sedans. These two compact cars are similar in many areas, which makes it difficult for many car shoppers to make a purchasing decision. Troy Honda is here to help. While we can give you all the information possible, it all comes down to the driver! It’s important to make sure the vehicle you buy fits your lifestyle and take into consideration personal preferences when it comes down to the looks, features, and body style of your new vehicle.

What’s a hatchback?

A 5-door practical car with the ability to carry more for all your adventures makes a hatchback. This vehicle usually feels more compacted throughout the interior. There is often slightly less legroom available than a sedan due to the design. When the hatchback was designed, there was more emphasis on the cargo space.

Compared to the sedan, the hatchback gives a lot of flexibility. Anyone can reach over to the truck space since it’s connected to the interior of the vehicle without any blockage. Some hatchbacks even allow seats to fold over to gain extra storage.

What’s a sedan?

For those less concerned with cargo space and more concerned with comfort, sedans are usually a great choice. Sedans are generally commuter-focused vehicles, but advances in recent years have definitely made these vehicles have more flexible cargo space in the trunk and interior.

Both the hatchback and sedan tend to be good options if you’re looking for fuel efficiency. Come see us if you want to see a hatchback and sedan for yourself. Your team at Troy Honda understands each car is unique to the individual. We want everyone to find a car that will align perfectly with their needs, so come on in and take a hatchback or a sedan out for a test drive.

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