Choosing Your First Honda

Buying your first car is an incredibly important milestone. We’re thrilled that you’re considering buying a Honda because it’ll last you a long time, and we’re sure it will meet your needs. We have tons of new and used Hondas on our lot at affordable prices for you to consider.

Your Budget

This is possibly the most important thing to consider. Set a realistic budget factoring in your current finances. Remember you will have a monthly car payment, which will depend on the amount you put down. Insurance rates can go up, and you will also want to factor in maintenance costs. We don’t want your Honda to be a point of stress because of a car payment that is more than you can handle.

Your Needs

Options are seemingly endless when you begin shopping for your first car. We recommend doing a lot of research into the type of vehicle you’re looking for. Honda offers everything from cars to vans. Determine if you want an SUV, car, or van or if you’re interested in sitting in all three. Make a list of all your must-haves and determine what vehicles fit into your price range.

The Test Drive

You might like the look and everything the car offers based on the car’s online description but what if you don’t like the feel of the car? We recommend stopping by and test driving all vehicles of interest. We encourage you to take your time and will explain all the amazing features in the Honda you’re interested in.


At our dealership, we work with all budgets and backgrounds. You can apply for financing online or call our dealership at 248-649-0202. We have excellent relationships with lenders and are prepared to get you your first car loan.

If you’re ready to begin shopping, stop by our dealership in Troy to see our large selection of vehicles for yourself.